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The Differences Between A Public Intoxication and DWI Charge

Public Intoxication vs. Driving While Intoxicated When it comes to the difference between public intoxication and driving while intoxicated, a public intoxication can be defined as a kind of legal charge that a person who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or is seen to be visibly drunk while still operating in public. It’s very similar to the differences between a DUI and a DWI. When it comes to driving while under the influence, means that a particular individual is impaired in such a way that he or she can no longer be able to drive with caution different from how well a sober person would be able to drive. For public intoxication, you need to have a very high degree of impairment to a point that prevents you from functioning the way that you are supposed to. for you to be charged with a public intoxication, more prove is going to be needed compared to if you were to be charged for a driving while under the intoxicated in Houston. Understanding Public Intoxication The laws that have been put in place in regards to public intoxication have mainly been put so as to prevent those people who have a tendency of disturbing or interrupting the day to day activities of people in the public. Also, this law has mainly been put so as to remove people who may be incapable of stopping themselves from not only hurting themselves but others as well. The Basic Elements of a Public Intoxication Charge There are a number of elements that must be met for a public charge to take place. They include: You seem or appear to be; Intoxicated or drunk, and you are in public Also, many states have it as a requirement that prosecutors have to prove that you were found to be seriously out of control in a way in which you are incapable of taking care of yourself or that due to your intoxication, you pose to be a threat to other people as mentioned earlier. Understanding Driving While Intoxicated Driving while intoxicated in Houston is considered to be a very serious crime. If a police officer notices that you are driving recklessly and that you are violating all the laid out traffic rules, then they have a right to stop you and get to question you in regards to the driving while intoxicated charge. The Blood Alcohol Content Whenever you consume an alcoholic drink, this drink is usually absorbed into your blood. There are a number of different tests that can be carried out so as to measure the amount of alcohol that is in your blood. If a police officer suspects that you are drunk, then you may be required to make use of a breathalyzer so as to test the level of alcohol in your system.