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Here’s What Is In Store For Anyone Alleged of Texting and Driving

What is a Textalyzer exactly? A Textalyzer can be defined as a new device that has been developed so that it can be able to help out law enforcement officers when it comes to the determining of whether or not a person was making use of their cell phone during the time in which they were involved in a traffic collision. Texting and driving in Houston has become one of the most common reasons as to why many people are been involved in accidents. Due to this, the Texalyzer device came into play. Just the same way making use of a Breathalyzer is able to help tell a law enforcement officer the amount of alcohol that is in a person’s body, the Textalyzer is also a very powerful device that is very beneficial to prosecutors and when it comes to law enforcement since they are able to determine whether the texting of a driver was what caused the traffic collision that took place. What happens is that the law enforcement officers are going to connect the phone by making use of a cord to the device. Once this is done, the officers are going to be able to know exactly which applications were open and they will have their specific time stamp with them. Many states are opting to make use of this device so that they can be able to control the driving while texting menace. In many states, it is considered to be illegal for you to drive while operating or holding mobile phone or a handheld telephone that is wireless. However, even though the Texalyzer device can be very useful, there are still some private advocacy groups that have a number of concerns in regards to the device and how it works. The basis of their concerns is the fact that the device is still under development. Drivers who are driving and are still making use of their devices which make them be distracted is still the main concern for many. The privacy advocate also claims that since mobile phones or wireless telephones hold a lot of our private and personal information, they claim that if these devices were put into law, that this is going to be a way in which the civil liberties and privacy rights of people are going to be violated. In Conclusion According to a recent study that was done, it was found out that a driver who is driving but is distracted by their device is the same as a driver who is driving while drunk. The end results may end up being similar and the results may also be very catastrophic leading to very serious injuries not only to the driver alone but to other road users as well.