What Can I Expect When Getting A DWI In Texas?

Texas DWI Law Enforcements

Texas is a state known for the countrymen and horse keeping. Being a state with people and roads, laws must come to play just like anywhere else. Drunk driving is one of the serious offenses within Texas. If you are found on the wrong side, be sure of consequences. Alcohol and other intoxications will interfere with your focus. While driving, concentration is vital. Without that, accidents are deemed to happen just after every minute. The policy within the state is that all drivers must be sober to guarantee an auto accident-free lifestyle. But that is yet to happen. Accidents still occur, and although some are due to general causes, drunk driving still constitutes a great percentage of the accidents followed by an administration revocation hearing and multiple court hearings. That’s why tough laws are being implemented to curb the challenge.

Use of BAC

For drunk driving to be an offense, there has to be evidence. Blood alcohol concentration test is commonly used by the state to gauge the level of intoxication a driver is in. BAC limits vary with age, body weight, sex and so forth. For minors above 21 years of age, the limit is 0.08%. Commercial drivers are supposed to be even more sober as lives of many pedestrians are on their hands. That’s why their BAC limit is lowered to 0.04%. Minors or kids below 21 years are not supposed to have any percentage of intoxication. That is to say that it’s illegal to take alcohol while in Texas if you are below 21 years of age. Although BAC test gives the main evidence, other alcohol related evidence can still be used against you in a court of law. That includes having open alcohol bottles within the driver’s cabin. And even such a simple offense even when you are not taking that beer can cost you a fortune.

DWI Penalties

This bit completes DWI laws to be legally binding. The penalties do vary according to various factors e.g. license type, age, death effects, having passengers on board etc. none of the penalties is good. They are basically punishments that instill pain. They include:

 Community Service

 Fines

 Jail Time

 License Revocation

 Compulsory DWI Education

 Forced To Take More Expensive Insurance

With the driver knowing that either of these is likely to happen to him/her if he commits the DWI offense, then most will withdraw. Of course, some will still proceed on to drink. If they are lucky, they get away with it. If not so lucky, they find themselves in the mess.

The Penalties Get Harsher With Recurrence

They say that a mistake is only a mistake when repeated. DWI laws borrows a little from that. But don’t get it wrong. Consequences still apply even for first-time offenders only that they can be made mild. The first one can be a mistake but you only confirm it was not a mistake if you are caught twice or thrice, and that’s where the consequences come in full force.

Where Lawyers Can Help

DWI offenses are serious ones and that means that even the penalties are serious. You might need to cut short the penalties to keep life rolling. That’s the right time to bring on board an experienced DWI lawyer. He/she can negotiate for a better deal rather than your most feared penalty. Many fear jail time as it might affect their businesses.

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