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A Lawyer Wont Pursue My Claim! Why Not?

4 Reasons Why A Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case You may be wondering why a personal injury lawyer in Corpus Christi may not accept to take your case. In the event that someone has been involved in an automobile accident, they may believe that they have a case in which they can be able to win but the problem comes when they are not able to get the right lawyer to help them out with the case. For you to be able to understand why this is the case, there are a number of things that have been mentioned below to help you out. The Injury That You Have Incurred Is Just Not Serious Enough Before a personal injury lawyer in Corpus Christi can be able to take on a case, he or she needs to look at more than you simply saying that you could have been killed or that you could have died. These lawyers tend to look for more damages that they can gauge for the expected recovery they are likely to get when they decide to handle your case. When you start making use of speculative damages whether, in terms of injury or finances, this may not really help you out when you are looking for the right lawyer to represent you in your personal injuries case. In the event that the injuries that you have incurred are minimal, then chances are high that the lawyer is not going to take your case since the monetary compensation that you are likely to get is also going to be minimal. How It Is That The Accident Occurred One of the earliest and most important considerations that a personal injuries lawyer is going to make is exactly how it is that the accident occurred. This is because for you to be able to hold someone else accountable financially for the accident, then it has to be proved that they breached a legal duty or obligation. In other words, it has to be proved that they did something wrong which was what ended up causing the accident. Also, for you to be able to get a viable claim, your lawyer needs to be able to prove that the other party that was involved was the one who was at fault and that their contribution in the accident was less than 51% of the actual cause. In the event that it is found that you were also partly at fault, then chances are high that the lawyer is going to reject your case. This is mainly because the financial award that you are going to be claiming for is going to be eliminated or reduced depending on the extent to which you were at fault. The other reasons may include: The economic reality of the lawyer pursuing the case may not be beneficial. You look like you have talked to a number of other lawyers.